Virtual Adviser Roadshow: Focus on the Fundamentals

21 September 2020
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Investors are grappling with significant issues following the volatility caused by COVID-19 on various aspects of the economy. At the same time some sharemarket sectors are trading at record highs on a combination of the huge stimulus injected into the system by central banks and governments around the world, changing consumer habits through the pandemic as well as optimism as to what the post-COVID economy will look like.

At this year’s roadshow, IML and Loomis Sayles’ Portfolio Managers discussed the important issues that they see as pertinent to focus on as well as which stocks they are selecting for their Funds in the current environment.

Large Cap fundamentals & portfolio update

Senior Portfolio Manager & Head of Research Hugh Giddy discussed the key fundamentals IML is focusing on to actively position our large-cap funds.

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Hugh Giddy

Income fundamentals & portfolio update

Portfolio Manager Michael O’Neill discussed the key fundamentals for sourcing solid, reliable income for the Investors Mutual Equity Income Fund.

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Small Cap fundamentals & portfolio update

Senior Portfolio Manager Simon Conn discussed the fundamentals currently overlooked by the small and mid-cap market segment, and the positioning of IML’s small and mid-cap portfolios.

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Simon Conn

Global Equity fundamentals & portfolio update

Portfolio Managers Eileen Riley, CFA and Lee Rosenbaum joined Investment Specialist Peter McPhee and discussed global sharemarkets, performance and positioning of the Loomis Sayles Global Equity Fund, and their views on current market conditions.

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Eileen Riley Lee Rosenbaum

Panel Session

Hugh Giddy, Peter McPhee and Simon Conn answered your most pressing questions.

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Hugh Giddy Peter McPhee Simon Conn



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