Continuous disclosure

Date Disclosure
30 April 2024 New Zealand (“NZ”) Counsel Change of Address for NZ Investors Only

Effective from 30 April 2024, Bell Gully’s Registered Office in New Zealand as stated in the IML PDSs and Investment Guides has changed to:

Deloitte Centre
Level 5, 1 Queen Street,
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

30 November 2023 Effective immediately, the Application form for the IML Funds has been updated to include a TMD questionnaire.

If mailing your application form, please note that the previous version of the PDF form will be accepted for a grace period up until 31 December 2023.

Application Form

26 October 2023 The Target Market Determination (TMDs) have been updated for all  IML Funds:
Investors Mutual Australian Share Fund
Investors Mutual All Industrials Share Fund
Investors Mutual Concentrated Australian Share Fund Investors Mutual Concentrated Australian Share Fund (Quoted Managed Fund)
Investors Mutual Australian Smaller Companies Fund
Investors Mutual Small Cap Fund
Investors Mutual Future Leaders Fund
Investors Mutual Equity Income Fund
Investors Mutual Private Portfolio Fund IML Sustainable Future Fund  Key changes: 

  • Tailored the ‘Target Market Summary’ to be more specific to the product in order to describe the level of intended portfolio allocation and risk profile with sufficient granularity.  
  • Amber indicators have been removed from the TMD Indicator Key to ensure that the target markets are defined unambiguously.  
  • Consumer attributes and related descriptions have been updated to comply with the updated FSC template and ASIC guidance.  
  • Distribution conditions have been updated to include issuer and third party distributor conditions.  
  • Review triggers have been updated to include, inter alia, material or high number of complaints received about a product. 
1 August 2023 The following documents have now been issued for the Investors Mutual Concentrated Australian Share Fund (Quoted Managed Fund) (APIR IML1283AU). The Quoted Managed Fund is a new class of units in the Concentrated Australian Share Fund and will trade on the ASX as IMLC.
Product Disclosure Statement
Target Market Determination
4 July 2023 The Product Disclosure Statement and Investment Guide for the Investors Mutual Concentrated Australian Share Fund (APIR IML0010AU) have been updated.

Key changes:

  • Wording has been incorporated in this PDS with reference to the issue of a class of Units in the Fund that are unlisted.
  • Transaction costs have been updated for the Fund in accordance with ASIC RG97.

Please ensure you read the updated documents before investing in the Fund.

Jason Guthrie & Bruce Du
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Louise Watson and Daniel Moore
Simon Conn and Jason Guthrie on IML podcast
Jason Guthrie and Daniel Moore on IML podcast
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