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In this world, risk-taking is often called courage. Not by us. At IML we believe it’s braver, and ultimately more rewarding, to deliberately reduce risk. That’s why we don’t follow the herd into the latest investing fad – we tread our own path.

We apply the same quality and value-based approach to investing that has successfully weathered all market conditions for 25 years. We invest confidently, but conservatively, so that our clients can enjoy their lives without worrying about their investments.

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IML’s long term objectives


We’re long-term investors, not speculators. We invest in well established, profitable companies at reasonable valuations with attractive growth prospects.


When the sharemarket falls your investment should fall less, on average, as we aim to invest only in high-quality companies which tend to have more resilient earnings and more stable share prices.


We have a strong focus on the total return of your investment – capital growth plus income – so we look for high-quality businesses that pay consistent, and growing, dividends.


We invest in high-quality companies at reasonable valuations. We avoid speculative and loss-making companies and have lower exposure to cyclical industries – so our funds fluctuate less than the sharemarket overall.


We offer nine investment funds with different characteristics to suit the varying investment needs of our clients. All funds invest in Australian companies listed on the ASX (equities) and all follow our conservative, disciplined, proven investment philosophy. We have funds that focus on large companies, small to mid-sized companies, income, absolute return, and responsible investment (ESG). We also act as investment manager for the listed investment company QV Equities.


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