Fund overview

IML is the Investment Manager for QVE, a listed investment company that provides a regular income stream for investors, as well as long-term capital growth, through a diversified portfolio of high-quality, good-value companies listed outside the ASX Top 20.

  • Suitable for: investors wanting consistent income and long-term capital growth
  • Invests in: 20-50 ASX listed companies outside the S&P/ASX 20 Index
  • Investment timeframe: 4+ years
  • Investment objectives: generate net returns higher than the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index, excluding the S&P/ASX20 Accumulation Index (the top 20 stocks), over a 4+ year investment horizon.

You can find out more about QVE on its website

Fund Facts

Portfolio Managers Simon Conn and Marc Whittaker
Benchmark S&P/ASX 300 Ex20 Accumulation Index
Listed 22 August 2014
ASX code QVE
Dividend frequency Quarterly
Management fee Management fee: 0.90% p.a. of the NAV up to $150m 0.75% p.a. over $150m

How to invest

QVE is listed on the ASX. Shares can be purchased through a broker. If you do not have a broker, the ASX provides a service which can assist you in choosing a suitable broker.

Further information about investing in listed investment companies can be found on the ASX website.

You may wish to consult a financial adviser or sharebroker to help you select investments which are appropriate to your personal circumstances.

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