Webinar series: Stock picking in focus

29 May 2020

In these volatile and uncertain times, stock selection based on bottom-up, fundamental research is more important than ever.

This 3-part webinar series delves into how the IML investment team applies our quality and value investment philosophy to identify companies that we believe will do well in what is likely to be a mixed and lengthy economic recovery.



Part 1: Finding quality and value when the outlook is uncertain

Dan M


Daniel Moore discussed how IML is assessing and selecting companies in the current environment.

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Part 2: Assessing the opportunities for equity income



With significant dividend cuts by many of Australia’s most popular dividend paying stocks, Michael O'Neill discussed how the Investors Mutual Equity Income Fund seeks to generate consistent and reliable income in the current environment.

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Part 3: Managing risk in small cap portfolios

Simon Conn   Marc


The small cap end of the sharemarket is typically more volatile than the broader market. Simon Conn and Marc Whittaker discuss how they manage risk in IML’s small and mid-cap portfolios which have delivered consistent long-term returns with lower volatility compared to their respective benchmarks.

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20 lessons from 20 years
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