Does long manager tenure make a difference to performance?

25 May 2020
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Money management recently published an article ‘Does long term tenure equal outperformance?’ which highlights the Australian equity funds operating with portfolio managers with the longest tenure and featured IML’s Anton Tagliaferro.

IML's funds aim to deliver consistently good long term returns with lower volatility compared to their respective benchmarks. Apart from IML's founder and Investment Director Anton Tagliaferro who continues to manage clients' monies after almost 22 years, IML is also pleased with the long term tenure of the majority of its senior portfolio managers including Simon Conn (+20 years) and Hugh Giddy, Daniel Moore and Michael O 'Neill (+10 years). 

We believe that the length of tenure of our portfolio managers is a distinctive feature of IML and should give clients comfort that the monies invested by IML continue to be invested in a consistent manner, despite all the current economic and sharemarket uncertainties.

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