Our presenters discuss how they are uncovering opportunities in the current environment and highlight quality stocks in the portfolios. Hear from IML Portfolio Managers Hugh Giddy, Daniel Moore, Simon Conn & Tuan Luu, Loomis Sayles Investment Specialist Peter McPhee, and IML Equities Analyst Lucas Goode.






0:09 Large Caps with Hugh Giddy and Daniel Moore

17:35 Small Caps with Simon Conn and Lucas Goode

36:30 IML Private Portfolio Fund with Tuan Luu

45:45 Global Equities with Peter McPhee



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Jason Guthrie & Bruce Du
Michael, Tuan, Lucas, Simon of IML with Money Management finalist badges
Louise Watson and Daniel Moore
Simon Conn and Jason Guthrie on IML podcast
Jason Guthrie and Daniel Moore on IML podcast
IML May Webinars Q1 2024
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