By Yasmine Masi, Financial Newswire


Consistent returns no matter what is happening in markets and a triple-threat strategy is Investor Mutual Limited’s Private Portfolio Fund in a nutshell, and also what has earned it the top spot in the Emerging Funds category at this year’s Fund Manager of the Year Awards.

Speaking to Financial Newswire, co-host of the 2022 awards with SQM Research, Portfolio Manager Tuan Luu said while other fund managers may have expected and experienced declines during such difficult and volatile periods, Investor Mutual is quite on the contrary.

“These kinds of times really suit the Private Portfolio Fund as we’ve designed it to be able to return consistent returns, whatever is going on in markets,” Luu said.

“So, in times like these where many traditional strategies aren’t able to provide the returns that investors are looking for, then it’s the perfect time for a fund like ours. It’s a bit different from a lot of absolute return funds.

“We don’t just rely on one strategy to provide these consistent returns, but three different strategies which complement each other – relative value, income and events like M&A and capital raisings.

“So, when one strategy isn’t bringing the returns that investors are looking for then one of the other strategies can pick up the slack and keep that consistency going, whatever is happening in markets.”

Backed by a strong value-investing style, first founded by soon-to-be retiree Anton Tagliaferro, the Private Portfolio Fund uses the same “fundamental company analysis and bottom-up stock picking” for all Investor Mutual funds to discover undervalued, well established and well managed companies with strong “recurrent” earnings.

“We designed the Private Portfolio Fund to suit those types of investors that don’t want a lot of volatility in their investments,” Luu said.

“Maybe they’re retired, so they need that consistent income, but don’t get enough from bonds or savings accounts. Or maybe they find the constant highs and lows of share market investing stressful, but want their money to grow over time, above inflation.

“And the result as you can see, is the Private Portfolio Fund, which is designed to generate positive returns, whatever is happening in the markets, so investors don’t have to rely on markets continuing to go up and up.”

And, what is more deserving of the win is both the firm and fund’s focus not only on delivering returns but taking care of clients – and their money.

“We know that investors hate losing money – we hate losing money too,” Luu said.

“So, investors really like that this fund very carefully looks after their money and provides consistent income and returns with lower volatility and it is also more resilient when markets drop.

“I’ve heard clients say that it helps them sleep at night, to know that it’s in our fund and is being very carefully managed.”

This article was first published in Financial Newswire, 29 September 2022.

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